With our abcÎ assessment suite we help you take your personnel decisions to the next level.

The abcÎ assessment suite captures essential predictors of work performance with innovative measurement formats and cutting-edge psychometric procedures to identify top talent among your candidates. The result is abcÎ’s objective statement on individual potential, revealing the contributions you can expect from your candidates.

Optimise your personnel decisions with insights provided by abcÎ.

Applying the abcÎ does not require any psychological or aptitude diagnostic knowledge. Every organisation, large or small, can thus benefit from the advantages of a modern predictive instrument.

As an online assessment, the abcÎ assessment suite is used for applicants from around the globe and supplies solid results even when taking cultural differences into account.

How it works

How it works

The abcÎ assessment suite provides reliable and objective data on numerous questions that can’t be answered through application documents or information gathered in interviews or work samples.

Your applicants show their potential in a variety of innovative tasks by taking decisions, rating situations, and developing solutions.

The data collected with abcÎ provide insights on the cognitive performance potential and the behavioural preferences of your candidates. This reveals who really matches the demands of the job, your company culture, and the organisation as a whole. Make sure that you hire candidates who can fully live up to their potential and thrive within your team.

The abcÎ  is used to forecast the performance potential of both internal and external candidates. Deploy the right people for your current jobs and identify opportunities for growth beyond specific positions for your future job demands.

Scientifically speaking, abcÎ is a psychometric or psychological measuring procedure. The very strict German DIN 33430 standard on aptitude assessment formulates requirements for such instruments and defines exceptional quality for assessment. ISO 10667 describes a comprehensive framework for the delivery of  assessment services. The abcÎ team is involved in the development of both standards.

Personnel selection

Matching requirements and people

Since abcÎ collects basic data on performance potential, it can be applied across occupational and hierarchical levels. Use the abcÎ toolbox to select members of your leadership team as well as to assess candidates for all levels of your organisation while accounting for potential growth. Our clients rely on the predictive value of abcÎ in national and international settings.

You can apply the abcÎ assessment suite at any stage in your selection processes: when preselecting applicants, validating your final decisions, or as a complement to your interviews and assessment centres.

As an online assessment, your candidates can complete the abcÎ assessment from their home or (almost) any place convenient for them. The iPad® version is used as part of a recruiting event or within the framework of a full-scale assessment centre.

We take candidate experience very seriously and we go beyond fancy entertainment and gamification concepts: our applicants receive their individual feedback report directly after completing the abcÎ, and every participant is welcome to give us anonymous feedback directly on our assessment platform. Participant feedback shows that transparency and communication on a level playing field are the cornerstones of a convincing candidate experience.

The standard configuration takes approximately 60 minutes to complete. Shorter or longer processing times are possible for screenings or special assessment purposes.

Personnel development

Discovering the potential of your employees

We know from 30 years of experience: many employees aspire to grow  and are willing to contribute their whole performance potential to the success of an organisation.

We also know that some employees perform at their limit and should not be burdened with even more responsibilities.

In both situations, abcÎ contributes to a valuable and independent perspective. Our experience can support you in identifying potential as well as avoiding cliffs and finding solutions. Challenge us!

All participants benefit from a fair basis for decision-making and your organisation benefits from a valid and fair predictive assessment.


International und Multilingual

We have personally analysed positions and tasks on five continents. We have derived requirement profiles, developed performance profiles, and carried out interviews and in-depth assessments. We have personally met with applicants worldwide for positions in 37 countries. Our abcÎ assessment suite is the product of this experience and of the most relevant and solid findings in I/O psychology. It can be adapted to various cultural and economic conditions, thereby enabling comparability of employees and applicants across national and cultural borders.

AbcÎ assessments are currently available in the following language versions: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Russian, Polish, Dutch, Hungarian, Czech, Greek, Romanian, and Mandarin.

If any language is missing, contact us and we will find a solution for your needs.



Making valid and fair personnel decisions is the goal of abcÎ.

Organisations and applicants can thereby benefit equally from the best possible fit of person and task.

A trustworthy procedure and appreciative feedback ensure transparency and fairness and contribute to a positive candidate experience.

Harald Ackerschott

Harald Ackerschott is a psychologist by training and architect of the assessment suite abcÎ, which he developed together with his team of psychologists and software engineers. He is also founder of the operating company of the abcÎ assessment platform.

Harald is one of the leading experts in aptitude diagnostics and psychological assessment in Germany. For more than 30 years he has consulted with enterprises of all sizes on the selection of personnel and the development of potentials. Over this period, he and his team have personally met, tested, and given qualified feedback to around 100,000 applicants in group assessments and individual procedures.

On the basis of these personal experiences and from the collected trove of 100 years of research and findings in work and organisational psychology, the abcÎ assessment was developed.

Harald Ackerschott serves as chairman of the German Standards Institut (DIN) working committee on personnel management. He also serves as head of the delegation representing Germany in the plenary of Technical Committee 260 “Human Resource Management” at the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). In this committee, he recently was elected Convenor of the ‘Recruitment’ working group. In this role, he is responsible for the revision of ISO 10667, the standard for ‘Assessment service delivery’ and for the Recruitment Standard ISO 30405.

For over 30 years Harald has been teaching, researching and publishing on his core topics of selection, equal opportunities and candidate experience.

DIN 33430

Those who want to be on the safe side in their specialist discipline apply approved technical rules. For the selection of personnel and assessment of people in professional contexts, these are laid down in DIN 33430 ‘Aptitude diagnostics’ and ISO 10667 ‘Assessment service delivery’.

DIN 33430

The German technical standard DIN 33430 is regarded as the world’s most well-founded standard for personnel decisions and describes the requirements for occupational aptitude diagnostics. Statements are made both on the quality of the instruments used and on the qualification of persons as well as on the interaction of process steps and procedures.

Harald Ackerschott is one of the initiators of this standard and has accompanied its development from the very beginning. Together with Norbert Ganter and Günter Schmitt, he also wrote the technical commentary on the application of the standard.

ISO Standards

Personnel processes are becoming more international in many companies. Experts have therefore been working for several years to find internationally consistent definitions and standards for personnel management.

ISO Standards

Technical Committee 260 on human resource management (TC 260) of the ISO world standards organisation comprises human resources experts from 54 countries.

Harald Ackerschott heads the German delegation to ISO TC 260 and also acts as the convenor of the international ISO TC 260 working group on recruitment. In this role, he is currently responsible for revising ISO 10667 to cover the most recent technological advances in assessment.

ISO TC 260 has now published 12 international standards or technical specifications, ranging from fundamental aspects such as HR governance, human capital reporting, and a series of definitions of relevant HR metrics, and 10 more projects are currently under development, including standards on Diversity & Inclusion and Learning & Development.

> ISO TC 260


Every organisation is only as powerful as the people who work for it. The professional selection of staff is the key to the successful and sustainable development of any organisation.


Not everyone can do everything. But you can learn a lot. This also applies to methods of personnel selection and development.

We offer training courses for the use of abcÎ as well as for methods, instruments, and techniques related to personnel decisions. As a decision-maker or as a team, you can benefit from the combination of the latest scientific developments and many years of practical experience.

Together with our partners, we offer trainings, webinars, and online modules. We always adapt training contents and concepts to your particular situation in your particular organisation.

We offer advice when it counts.

There’s (almost) nothing that doesn’t exist. But with more than 30 years of experience, we have been involved in the development of solutions for a wide variety of demands and challenges in numerous industries. Our practical problem-solving skills have become an accompanying factor that is valued in large and small companies as well as government organisations. With the experience and competence we have gained, we are also at your disposal as consultants if no obvious or ready-made solutions are right for your specific needs.